Taking a baseline lab test to measure your pace of aging is the perfect way to start your longevity-optimizing journey. Working towards better bio-aging is a way to not only improve lifespan, but to improve healthspan as well.

And healthspan is what keeps us active in life, and disease-free, for as long as possible.

This lab test package includes the most up-to-date, reliable bio-age assessment available. It’s what we use ourselves and with our clinic patients.



What’s included in this package?

  • 1 lab test kit sent to your home that measures your biological Pace of Aging, and telomere length
  • Our online health habits questionnaire and the biological age associated with your results
  • A written report of your test results, reviewed by Dr. Fitzgerald
  • 30 minutes with one of our expert nutritionists to review your results and find out more about how to improve your numbers


What happens after I purchase?

  1. We’ll instruct our lab partner to send you a DIY at-home test kit. The test kit is a simple blood spot collection, no phlebotomy required. Support for the collection process is available if you need it.
  2. Mail in your test kit. Results are sent to Dr. Fitzgerald’s office, typically within 3 weeks.
  3. Once we receive your results, Dr. Fitzgerald will review them and provide written comment for your report. Our front desk will enter you into our clinic system and reach out to you to schedule your virtual appointment with our team.
  4. Once you’re in our system, you’ll also receive a request to complete our online health habits questionnaire before your appointment takes place.
  5. During your virtual appointment, you’ll meet with a Younger You expert member of our clinical team, several of whom were directly involved in coaching the participants of our ground-breaking research study on aging. You’ll receive a written report of your results and will together review your longevity goals, current diet/lifestyle, and opportunities for you to make simple changes that can improve your aging results.
  6. Last but not least, we’ll provide any guidance you might want for building your longevity roadmap including potential next steps and future retesting.

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